Baby Grayson | St. Patty's Day Photo Shoot

Ok so I got this crazy adorable "Cardigan" onesie and bow tie from MilaRose Boutique and so of course I had  to pop my little guy in and take some St. Patrick's Day pics! This holiday was a little more "fun" before the boys arrived (ahem, ahem) but I still love it and love that they are at least half Irish!!! Grayson just LOVED playing with the shamrocks and beads and as you will see, they had to be removed from the scene in order to get him to look up. Such a little happy Irish man I have. Cheers!!


Grayson loved his outift too, but most of all, he loved the props- too much!!! I had the whole scene set up with shamrocks, gold coins... umm yeah he wanted to eat them. So, they were removed one by one...see in the lower right one, though he snagged a clover!


He was starting to lose his cool a little because I took away all his "toys" aka props, but we managed to get another keeper! :)

My Little Irishman 

My Little Irishman 

Here is when the very last "toy" was removed from the scene.. That was all she wrote!           Love the hands, G.